Dive Into the New Age of Applied NFTs

What is STEM Genesis?

The world’s first crypto currency based decentralised finance (DeFi) investment fund for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) innovation. We aim to establish funds to invest in STEM education, research, application, and business growth, for innovative products and start-up companies aiming to tackle global challenges. We will also invest in digital innovation to improve decentralised finance and distribution of global wealth. We will deliver innovative rewards to actively increase the value of non-fungible token (NFT) holders’ investment.

What are Global Challenges?     

Global challenges are problems that require pathways to improve the quality of life for people and nature in the face of detrimental impacts that face the global community. The central challenges that we aim to tackle are set out by the Global Sustainable Development Goals

The STEM Genesis vision

  1. To balance distribution of funds across innovative ecological and social improvement schemes, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, culture and global situation.


  2. To eradicate the current ‘cash grab’ and ‘wild west’ culture of the NFT landscape, and to develop a sustainable financial sector which uses NFTs and other digital assets as ‘crypto-stocks’ in the interest of investors.


  3. To help springboard digital assets as a means for anyone with a computer or smartphone to invest in innovative companies that aim to progress society sustainably.

Why was STEM Genesis born? 

1. To increase fair access of funds to ground-breaking innovation

STEM research, teaching, and application have been crucial in driving the progression of civilization and are key in our future to live in harmony with nature. This relies on nurturing upcoming talent who will shape the path for both a technological advanced and sustainable existence. 

However, funding for STEM is not easy to obtain, especially for ‘early career’ researchers and businesses, or those in lower- to middle-income countries. For example, global funds for STEM are disproportionately distributed among and within countries, which impedes universal development of applied measures that we need in order to preserve biodiversity and improve quality of life effectively. Moreover, there is not one global investment scheme that uses decentralised finance to allow  innovators equal and fair opportunity of investment to push the boundaries of applied STEM. The STEM leaders of tomorrow face uphill struggles to establish their independence as world leading drivers of change. Importantly, we have seen the power of unified efforts in tackling global issues with the consolidated effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that decentralised funding and investment for STEM can spread more opportunity to improve similar combined efforts in the future.

2. To provide legitimacy, longevity, and sustainability to the NFT and digital asset sector  


We at STEM Genesis are increasingly surprised how people are willing to gamble their digital wealth against a sea of unknown faces that demonstrate little intention to secure, facilitate and mobilize people’s investments for either progress of the world we live in or to improve DeFi. The NFT space is now saturated with a ‘cash-grab’ mentality, which is unsustainable and could lead to irreparably damaging the NFT ecosystem unless we decide to set it on a new course while we have a chance in the early stages.

For >99% of the population who are inexperienced or unknowledgeable in crypto currencies and digital assets, unscrupulous behaviour paints a picture of them all as ‘scams’ and ‘worthless fads’. However, the potential for NFTs and other digital assets to benefit the global standard of living is huge. To realise this, outside trust needs to be gained and the digital community needs to act as ambassadors and educators to grow crypto and NFTs as a respected financial sector with legitimate longevity. 

Decentralization of unregulated block-chain technology is a double edged sword; it gives us the power to control the directions that the sector takes without bureaucracy or corruption, but then opens the door for people to mislead, manipulate and steal from others. 

As a community, we must collectively set a more rigorous set of criteria that we deem acceptable for NFTs to be a worthy draw for investment. This requires a step change in our culture to demand more from developers to eradicate scammers and truly worthless ‘projects’ with zero real-world value or utility. In doing so, we can increase the power of NFTs to help distribute wealth for the improvement of lives and the protection of our natural environment, while actively pursuing profit for investors.

How will STEM Genesis improve the NFT landscape?

At STEM Genesis we believe that full transparency of the development team is a necessity for any NFT project. We want to know our community on a personal basis, and this provides trust and development of security for investors in this expanding sector.  We are proud to represent a face for change and innovation.

Community standards are the key to NFT growth and longevity. To reap the benefits of NFTs and the value they attain in the long run, we need to start utilizing them in a sustainable manner.  Our vision is to utilize your stake in STEM Genesis to attract profits and benefits, and to directly improve the progression of STEM, both through philanthropy and business investment. In doing so we will actively engage digital and real world assets holders for a community driven change in culture and implementation of DeFi, benefiting NFT investors and beyond. In doing so, we plan to introduce the first crypto-stock in STEM, representing real world utility and value, the STEM-Cell coin.

How will STEM Genesis raise capital?

We will establish ourselves by developing digital assets, initially in the form of a series of non-fungible tokens NFTs and a custom crypto STEM Genesis coin, empowering holders to play a role in the progression of STEM, improving our world, and their return on investment. We will use funds to progressively achieve our vision and to establish real-world collaborations and reciprocal investments with innovative STEM initiatives and enterprises. We view holders of our digital assets as investors, and not customers. We will re-invest NFT holders' stake into cash flowing companies, or the development of STEM products that will provide cash-flow in the future. 

How will STEM Genesis drive profits for their NFT investors?

We will drive profits in three innovative and ground breaking ways (1) to reward progressive ‘trading’ of digital assets that do not decrease their value among the digital community (see below), (2) translate digital assets investment into real world business investment, and (3) build a ground breaking brand to lead digital assets into mainstream investment streams for STEM innovation. 

Overall, we aim for our digital assets to operate as crypto-stocks, providing  NFT utility with real world value, application and impact. By ‘tokenizing’ investment in STEM assets we aim to pay back NFT investors an annual percentage profit on their original investment, on top of their profits and rewards gained through progressive trading their NFTs on the market place.

How can you invest in STEM Genesis?

As part of our Phase I  Road Map we will release a collaborative NFT collection,
in 2023. This will provide the catalyst to execute Phase II.

Check out our Road Map

Community driven rewards

We will reward members of the community that buy and sell their NFT in a progressive manner to prevent reductions in the marketplace floor price.


  • Those that list, sell and buy NFTs above the floor price will be rewarded STEM Genesis coin and have access to exclusive offers and rewards as STEM Genesis grows. Any of these progressive trading actions that take place before the release of the STEM Genesis coin will be back-dated and retro-rewarded.


  • When the floor price increases by 0.1 increments a new threshold rule is established. Those that list their NFT below this threshold are excluded from future rewards, opportunities, and give always. For example, once a floor of 0.2 is established, a listing at 0.19 excludes you from future benefits. This gives holders the opportunity to competitively trade but to maintain the value in the NFT collection.


  • Committed community members will be rewarded to better aid the real-world community that they live in. For example, we will organise leading experts in STEM research to give interactive seminars for their local high-school, or organise groups of inner-city/rural/underprivileged children and young adults to visit leading STEM or biodiversity initiatives around the world.

Opportunities and giveaways

We want the investors in our NFTs, and early supporters of STEM Genesis to have ample opportunity to help the project grow and represent a face of change for NFT culture and utility.

  • NFT minters and holders will gain early access to exclusive future NFT drops. Our next project really is something special, and consists of dark hand-drawn generative art by established artists, the likes of which have not been seen in NFT collections to date. Our third project aims to be the first to merge pixel and fine art, and holders of both previous collections will gain early access.


  • As STEM Genesis grows, we will provide the opportunity to not only hire members of the community with paid roles in promotion and engagement, but also in development and vision of the project. We want to utilize the knowledge base and enthusiasm of our community to push the boundaries of what NFTs and DeFi can achieve!


  • Throughout and after the NFT minting we will hold giveaways ranging from airdrops of NFTs, ETH giveaways, real-world experiences, and the opportunity to design and own custom one off legendary NFTs.


  • As we grow we will develop more partnerships and actively engage NFT holders with exclusive rewards, such as new bespoke rare NFTs in other successful NFT projects.

Pathways to Impact

Our team are experts in engaging the community in their relative field of expertise and have a wide network to draw upon to  facilitate outreach and partnerships.

In Phase I we will build an online community of followers and investors who  want  real change in the NFT sector. We will achieve this though Discord Server and Twitter  discussions, as well as working with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in STEM, crypto, NFTs and finance, who recognize the unique path that STEM Genesis aims to carve in DeFi. We will also partner with other successful and highly visible NFT and crypto projects to spread our vision as wide as possible.

During Phase II (2023) we will significantly expand our reach to encompass partnerships with real world enterprises in STEM and DeFi to ensure the growth and impact that we plan to outline in our 5 year business plan.