The World’s First NFT and Crypto Based STEM Investment Fund to Tackle Global Challenges Through Innovation 

Decentralised finance for equal access to funds for global issues

Decentralised finance (DeFi) takes control of peoples wealth away from centralised institutions (e.g. governments, banks, stock exchanges) and puts it in to their own hands. Because DeFi isn't owned or controlled by any one group of people, there are no boundaries as to how people can implement their wealth and no risk of it being misused by those that run centralised platforms.

This allows us to cross industrial, political, and geographic boundaries to distribute funding at a global scale, which is a  critical necessity given the problems that we face as a global community and the disproportion distribution of wealth to address them.

STEM Genesis aim to breach the boundaries imposed by centralised finance to provide equal access of funds to tackle Global Challenges and reach our Sustainable Development Goals.


Growing a legitimate and sustainable sector

Crypto currencies are here to stay and have made many 'overnight millionaires'. The recently booming NFT sector carries similar potential rewards. However, with these rewards comes unscrupulous behaviour and a 'cash grab' mentality. To grow a sustainable DeFi sector, trust must be gained through reliability and transparency  to to attract investment and importantly, wealth needs to be re-invested for growth of ethically driven enterprises that aim to benefit the wider community.


At STEM Genesis we aim to lead the development of DeFi community accountability and ethical use of  digital asset investment. To build a respected and lasting DeFi sector around NFTs we need to adopt a vision which incorporates integrity and sustainability, which profits not only personal wealth, but also global quality of life and the health of our natural environment. 

Expanding access to digital assets and real world investment

The application of digital assets to real world utilities or investment is in it's infancy but is a rapidly growing sector. We believe that any person with access to a computer or smart phone should be able to become part of the DeFi revolution to help shape the future of prosperity.


To achieve this STEM Genesis aim to engage and educate the wider community on how they can take the step in to digital assists and help to produce tools and resources that are accessible and useful for all. We aim to drive growth of  digital wealth  leveraging real world profitable STEM applications, which aim to better the world that we live in.