Faces For Change


Jackie Lighten, Ph.D

Founder & CEO

My love of the natural world led me to pursue a career in academia to become a researcher in evolutionary genetics and ecology. I focused my efforts on understanding how organisms adapt to our changing world, and have directly advised governments to help preserve biodiversity. I have managed projects across the public, private, and academic sectors, and believe in understanding and protecting the world around us in an honest and ethical manner through applied science.


I completed BBSRC  Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, and am now a  Senior Leader at  the Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation hub here in the UK.

Great things are on the horizon for DeFi and NFTs. As a transparent, driven and passionate community we can spread the rewards far and wide for the betterment of society and our natural world.

Gareth Hogan


I specialise in helping brands use digital more effectively. I develop and design strategies to achieve this and oversee the solutions that are delivered. In some instances, I also build the tools and assets they need to achieve their goals.


I’m passionate about all things digital and very lucky to have turned my hobby into my career. In my time, I’ve had the definite pleasure of organising campaigns and building web assets for major global, national and local brands such as SONY, Thompson Reuters, Clarivate, On24, Leviton, Blackrock, UN Volunteers, Vodafone, Fulfil, Duchy of Cornwall, Simplyhealth, Northwood UK, VOIP Unlimited, CVS Vets, and The BBC.

I am passionate about the role we can all play in the improvement of peoples lives, and am captivated with how STEM Genesis will translate digital to real-world benefits.

Sarah Townsend


As the head of digital at a fast-growing customer experience agency, I have witnessed the evolution of digital marketing and technology over 18 years. 

I have focused mainly on highly regulated sectors including financial services, government and healthcare for most of my career.  I am now inspired to help develop novel approaches to a stabilise and grow the future of digital assets. Given the unregulated nature of the decentralised crypto-finance ecosystem, I truly believe that STEM Genesis has the potential to change the NFT landscape. It is the first crypto-community project directed to preserving our natural world, while generating sustainable profits for investors and a mainstream cultural shift in the application of digital assets.

Charlie Hatfields


I am a digital marketing specialist and have worked in digital agencies for much of my career. My interests have evolved alongside the ever-changing trends and technologies of the industry, giving me the skills in the variety of marketing levers that need to be pulled when successfully launching a new product or business. 

I work alongside a variety of DeFi projects and am a firm believer in the vast potential of the sector.
STEM Genesis presents an opportunity to leave a truly ethical and longstanding footprint on this emerging industry, with a fundamental focus on return on investment, sustainable growth of society, and the preservation of our planet.