A new vision for web3 investment tackling Global Challenges

Using digital assets to gain value in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) innovation 

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Let Your NFT  Take You To Ground Breaking New Heights

We aim to transform the web3 and NFT  sector by delivering novel approaches to improve the value of digital investments both in the crypto ecosystem and in the real world

We will grow a diverse approach to  maintaining asset value though NFT trading, real-world investment, building of a trusted brand, and introduction of our own crypto-coin

Novel drivers of profit

Revolutionising digital asset culture

Reducing the 'wild west' culture and 'cash grab' scams in the NFT sector by engraining a sense of accountability achieved though ethical transparency

Distributing profits from real world investment in applied STEM projects that aim to tackle Global Challenges and improve human and ecosystem health

Investment for a better world

Digital and real world  rewards

Rewarding NFT investors with our STEM Genesis coin and it's planned utilities  to participate in the growth of STEM. Donating funds and real-world experiences to individuals, families, and communities to promote STEM education and engagement

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